4 mm MDF exterior boards are typically used as the cover layer for TAVAPETwood. This enables maximum moisture resistance with a variety of different surfaces. Whether veneered or coated with primer film or synthetic resin, TAVAPETwood enables you to bring your creative ideas to fruition – such as frame extensions for windows.


  • Very good thermal insulation
  • Screwable cover and core layers
  • Processable with conventional tools
  • Very low weight
  • Normally inflammable
  • Only for use in dry application fields, without exposure to weather

Cover layer MDF exterior E0/B2
Core layer PET recycling foam, 100% water resistant
Surface Raw, with primer film, real wood veneer
Edges Raw, non treated all around
Formats Raw, primer film: 2600, 4100, 5200 x 1020 mm
Veneered: 2600,3050, 4080 x 1020 mm


TAVAPETwood elements should be stored on a level surface, in dry conditions with a temperature range of 15–25°C. The surfaces and edges must be protected against damage. The product must be inspected on receipt and defects reported within 3 days.

Installation with screws

The PET foam is firm enough to enable screwing of the frame extensions. We recommend compliance with the following points:
  • No drilling
  • No self-drilling screws
  • Screw-in depth of at least 90 mm if the screw is only anchored in the foam
  • Screw diameter min. 6.5 mm
  • Screw types: window installation screws or similar, e.g. SFS part no. 317177 to 317188

Installation with adhesive

Before bonding, the bonding surface should be cleaned to remove all soiling and dust. It should also be dry and free of any grease or oil impurities. We recommend the following adhesive types:
  • SikaFast® 5215 – SikaFast® adhesives offer an ideal combination of a relatively long open time and fast curing. Just minutes after the elements are bonded together, 80% of the final strength is achieved.
  • Sikasil® WT-480 – High-modulus, 2-component structural silicone adhesive. Very quickly develops good mechanical properties and adhesion.
  • SikaBond® AT-44 R – 1-component, tough elastic, SMP-based installation adhesive. It is subject to the same processing guidelines as for the use of PVC.

Cutting or milling

All TAVAPET products can be processed like conventional wood materials.

Subsequent coating

Real wood veneers and MDF react to moisture and can warp during moisture absorption and release. Quick and even application with proper drying and storage of the elements must be ensured.

Areas of application

TAVAPETwood elements are designed for use in dry environments. When installed, the elements must not be directly exposed to the environment and must be protected against continuous moisture.

Safety and the environment

The use of TAVAPET products does not require any special technical protective measures. The remainders of boards and packaging materials that cannot be recycled must be disposed of with plastic waste or can be returned to TAVAPAN at the customer’s expense.

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