The story of Tavapan

The almost 100-year history of Tavapan reflects the rapid development of the wood industry. From a traditional saw and mill plant near the source of the Birs an industrial factory has emerged.


From the very beginning, Tavapan has been a pioneering company in the area of wood materials. The company has successfully developed and has kept an increasing production depth. Today Tavapan’s production is almost exclusively order-related - yet the industrial aspect shave not been lost.

2010 Private takeover. 100% independent, Swiss company.
1999 Takeover by Sonae (Portugal).
1988 Takeover by Glunz (Germany). New acoustic products, introduction of composite materials and frame extensions.
1975 Decline in demand, job losses, diversification of products to further processed board materials.
1972 Decreasing demand for products, increasing competition from abroad.
1960 New production hall with modern facilities for the production of chipboards.
1958 Fire in the production building.
1953 Inauguration of the production hall for the manufacturing of chipboards. The number of employees increases to a total of 200 jobs.
1935 Production start of the company "Fabrique de panneaux forts et bois croisé SA".