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Our wood processing services

We offer a range of processing options regardless of the specific product. This includes all additional work that increases the production depth of the product. For example, executing special cuts, surface finishes or edge processing.

Good to know

Fire protection requirements
Fire protection requirements for interior design are becoming ever more stringent. So it’s good to know that you don’t have to do without the usual surface design options. Tavapan coats and processes the plasterboards just like normal wooden composite boards.

Moisture resistance
Our standard boards for general uses are also suitable for use in humid conditions and for use in rooms with temporarily elevated relative humidity.


Veneered boards cut to finished or rough dimensions save veneer and in some cases are actually cheaper than if you cut whole boards yourself.

  • Veneered boards cut to finished or rough dimensions
  • The more expensive the veneer, the more profitable the cut boards
  • The veneer pattern can be taken into account
  • Fixed format according to parts list, incl. labelling
  • Cut to veneer design
  • Cut raw boards can also be ordered

Surface finish

  • Chalet-style with rustic surface
  • 3-layer solid timber boards
  • Board with extra thick veneers (f.e. oak, spruce)
Formats ≤ 5800 x 2400 mm
Minimum length 800 mm
UV coating line
  • Ecological UV-coating on water base
  • UV-oiled surfaces
  • Semi-gloss surfaces
  • White glazing at various grades of coating
Formats ≤ 4200 x 1250 mm
Thicknesses ≤ 60 mm
RAL/NCS color finishes
  • Painting through casting in RAL and NCS
Formats ≤ 4000 x 1100 mm
Thicknesses ≤ 60 mm
Optional UV-topcoat
  • Automatic spray gun for slats in RAL and NCS colors
Formats ≤ 4080 x 250 mm
Thicknesses ≤ 40 mm
  • Spray painting in different coating types in RAL and NCS colors

Edge processing

The boards are profiled on request :

  • Tongue and groove
  • Tongue for spring connections
  • Stepped groove
  • Fold
  • Chamfer
  • Your own profile

We also coat tailored boards with veneer or ABS-edges:

  • HPL, CPL
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Veneer edges 0.3 mm up to 2 mm thick, radius according to edge thickness
  • Solid timber edges up to 45 x 20 mm
Min. board length > 250 mm
Min. board width > 55 mm
Min. board thickness 11 - 60 mm