The application of veneer in the domain of interior building is not always easy. Apart from the choice of the type of wood there are requirements for uniformity, veneer design, panel width and assembly that need to be considered. TAVAPAN has many years of experience in the realisation of challenging projects in this domain. Therefore, veneered boards are not standard goods to us and we produce them on order.


The use of veneer makes sense, economically as well as ecologically. Veneer is produced with a high degree of recovery and has a high coverage in its processing to veneered panels. This eventually prevents waste of precious wood species.
  • Order-related production
  • Personal advice
  • Reliable quality
  • Veneer sample on demand
  • Short delivery time of 1 - 3 weeks

Support board MDF boards, chipboards, plasterboards
Veneers Almost every type of wood and texture available
Reconstructed veneers of wood (e.g. ALPI and TABU)
Standard formats 2780 x 2050 mm
2050 x 2780 mm (non grinded)
4080 x 2050 mm (depending on the availability of the desired type of wood)
Veneer thickness 0.6 mm with glued joints
More thicknesses available on request.
Quality A (visible frontside) Uniform veneer sheet widths of the same package per board, without veneer changes
Quality B Different veneer sheet widths with veneer changes (visible interior side)
Quality BB Different types of wood as converse
Type of veneer Rift cut, quarter cut, crown cut, rotary cut
Assembly Shoved, upside down, solid timber character
Individual solutions Cutting
Other support boards
Veneer design according to your choice

Types of veneer


Rift cut


Quarter cut


Crown cut


Rotary cut





Upside down


Solid timber character