Sustainability is important to us

For Tavapan as distributor of renewable raw materials, the spare use of resources not only makes ecological sense, but in the face of increasingly expensive energy and commodity prices is also an important criterion for economic competitiveness. Our customers can also benefit from these efforts.

How do we concretely put our responsibility into practice?

Material optimization

Each request for cuts as well as special formats is optimized and ordered directly from the factory. This allows us to reduce waste.


The surface treatment with UV varnish on water-base is our standard.

Value optimization

Through consultation, we can optimize the quality and price of our quotations. For large projects, we therefore encourage you to contact us in good time.


To combine deliveries and large orders, we use the existing distribution network of our timber suppliers.


All waste of wood is used to heat up the veneer press and the production space, thus consumption of petroleum is reduced.

Using wood material is active climate protection

  • CO2 is absorbed by the foliage of the forests.
  • Carbon is stored in the material itself
  • Non-renewable materials such as plastics and metals, which are produced with a high amount of fossil fuels, are replaced

Wood material stores carbon

Wood materials sequester carbon. By buying them you help to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere, which is co-responsible for the greenhouse effect.

A deliberate use of plastics may be useful too

Polyurethane foams are used in frame extensions for thermal insulation. Although polyurethane is made of non-renewable petroleum, this material helps save many times more fuel oil. Due to its positive environmental balance, the deliberate use of this material is perfectly reasonable.